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Tinting Servies
Window and car tinting Mount Gambier

At Weston Tinting & Windscreens, we offer window tinting solutions for automotive applications throughout the Mount Gambier region. We take the time to talk to our customers to understand their requirements and then offer the best solution to meet their needs.

We see window tinting as an important investment in your car or business, which is why we offer premium films that utilise the latest technology.

Tinting your car has many benefits. It keeps your car cooler in the warmer months, reduces glare and protects your car's interior as well as it's occupants from the suns harmful UV rays.

With modern vehicles incorporating more and more wireless technology, choosing the correct window film for your car is essential. We will explain your options and recommend a film that best suits your needs.

If your car has OEM tinted privacy glass, we can install a clear UV protection film which cuts out the damaging UV rays and reduces the heat transmitted through the glass, without altering the shades of the windows.

Whether we are tinting your whole car in the darkest legal window film, or just your front door windows to match the OEM privacy glass - rest assured we take the time and care to ensure the job is done right!

Windscreen Servies
Windscreen Repairs Mount Gambier

At Weston Tinting and Windscreens, we offer windscreen and body glass replacement for automotive, transport, agricultural and timber industries. We can assess your damaged windscreen and advise you whether a repair or replacement is necessary. 

A small stone chip in your windscreen could be repaired, saving you the cost of an unnecessary replacement. If you have glass coverage on your comprehensive car insurance, we can generally bill your insurance company directly.

With modern windscreens incorporating features such as automatic rain sensing windscreen wipers and Automatic Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), having repairs carried out by experienced professionals has never been more important. 

With over 40 years combined experience in the automotive glass industry, you can be sure your car is in good hands with us!

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